What are the main steps which needed full focus for getting done in the proper manner?

Our structure needs to be appropriate to deal with the way we’ll be doing business in the future. It’s not the case that everything’s wrong at the moment, but the recent restructuring study highlighted major problems we must address. Progress on the Critical Success Factors is being monitored through the change programme where a review is done every month at the Change Programme Board Meeting, chaired by CDL. There will be another DLO Senior Managers’ Conference on 18 February which will be another opportunity to review progress and feedback will be provided to staff afterwards. view more: Act Conveyancing Sydney


I know people are a bit sceptical about this, but I must emphasise we’re very serious about getting results. Everyone should have seen lots of differences in the organisation and the way we do business since the DLO formed up, but we’re at a very important point now. We’re currently a well-established organisation with a good performance record, most recently in Operation Telic, and we’re well on our way to achieving the Strategic Goal. All that, however, is only the first part, the second is about really achieving the ‘logistics transformation’ delivering logistics support in the most costeffective way.

We should also remember that the world won’t stop in March 2006, the deadline for achieving the Strategic Goal, so we must think past that, look to the future and keep improving. It’s people that enable an organisation to perform it’s a volatile world and any organisation needs to keep skills under review. As an organisation that supports the Investor in People ethos, we should review what skills we have available and how their development affects the performance of the organisation. There is the familiar phrase about people being our most important resource.

By identifying skills as a Critical Success Factor, the Board is saying it places real value on increasing your people’s skills to improve business performance. We’re currently working towards April 2004 when it is planned to issue some provisional findings on the four areas already mentioned.