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I still have times where I wish I was dead, and I still have times where I think I may be Jesus reincarnated. More so the downs regrettably. The ECT also seems to help, which is why I’m stressing at the moment I think. I slept through my ECT appointment so I didn’t get a dose this month. I now have a churning feeling in my stomach which is Conveyancing Melbourne Suburbs either me stressing about a possible down cycle, or the start of an actual down cycle.

I’m not sure which just yet. I hope not. Down cycles suck arse big time. I get suicidal, which is funny because it is my OCD thoughts of hurting my niece if I did suicide that stops suicide being a worrying factor. One mental illness counteracting another, go figure. I leave this post here… Having trouble thinking straight and really should be in bed. Night night all and we’ll continue this later in the week.

I can’t go into detail of my obsessive compulsive intrusive thoughts in an open forum like this except to say they are graphically. violent and abhorrent in nature, and even with the aid of Clomipramine Hydrochloride (aka Placil) the thoughts still scare the hell out of me. There is still a part of me that can’t let go totally that I’m capable of the horrors my mind shows me on a regular basis.

The Placil helps me with controlling my fear, but don’t think they have stopped the thoughts themselves. . I’m still cursed with graphic images of loved ones being hurt and voices that tell me I am evil incarnate, don’t get me wrong, but thanks to the Place and Zyprexa I can now stand back and see the thoughts for what they are.just thoughts. The example 2 doctors have now used to explain it to me (must be in the University curriculum) is of an elderly woman who couldn’t go to church because of her OCD with intrusive thoughts.